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Our FICS Division can assist families with a variety of needs i.e accessing the right service for your child, offering support with SEMH needs, particularly in Education and assist families with emotional support. Submit a request to FICS via the form below. Please include your mobile number in the message section

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SOL Intervention


We can work with schools, families and Local Authorities to tailor bespoke Intervention packages based on the individual needs of the child. Working on a 'child first, funding later' basis, it ensures that the children are always at the centre of what we do. All of our Interventions are unique, filtering in the needs of the schools & families. 

With an aim to drive Intervention costs down for schools, we are happy to look at the current spend, to provide much more, for much less, freeing up areas within the budget to be able to support more children, buy more resources and even recruit more staff. In some cases, we can provide a number of EA's (Education Advocates), to help assist the children with SEMH needs, fully funded. All of our EA's are highly qualified, experienced and skilled.

We can also allocate an EA (Education Advocate) to the child and their family to ensure they are supported and that the child can achieve the best outcomes. The EA then works directly with and on behalf of the child and their family, linking with the relevant services and helping to manage the relationship between parent and school. Most of the time, due to funding cuts across the board, and a significant increase in SEND – reported as the highest percentage this year, ever, schools are struggling to support children with additional needs, and so we initially provide free support, and in some cases this can be indefinite where really needed. Almost all of our EA’s are Social Worker, Child Psychology or Educational Psychology graduates and we are in the process of employing two qualified Educational Psychologists to help with the pressures on CAMHS. Furthermore, we hope to link with OFSTED to provide a service that helps with their

SEND Inspection Framework.

Our ultimate mission, is to help fix the SEN crisis that we are currently facing across the UK.

FICS Division


Our FICS Division stands for 'Families in Crisis Support' and is there to help do exactly how it sounds ... fix the challenges  surrounding SEN children who are at crisis point, particularly in Education. We provide emotional support to families and help them to have an increased understanding of the system, and our multidisciplinary team help integrate services together to ensure the best outcome for the child. 

Schools, Families, Doctors and other services can refer to FICS directly via our  request form above.

Taking away the stresses involved in navigating a very complicated system when it comes to SEN. We can help by sign posting to relevant services, advocate on behalf of the child to ensure they are achieving their best outcomes, and provide a bespoke plan to move forwards at a time that may feel complicated and unproductive. We can also assist in communication between parents and schools, as at times this can be a difficult area to deal with, as schools are struggling with budget cuts and time, so we can be the link to help educate families and ensure that the child is able to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Where necessary, we can allocate an EA (Education Advocate), to work directly with school. Where a child is at crisis point, this can be carried out for free initially as we operate on a child first, funding later basis. Our ultimate aim, is to be able to support children in low income schools on a funded basis continually, via grant funding or charitable support. 

SOL Prevention


Our fun and interactive lessons arm the children with a “Life Toolkit”

We provide Prevention Programs by way of After School Clubs and Holiday Clubs as a Life Skills Educational Service. 

By the end of the programme, the children will be confident in understanding a wide range of Life Skills. The terms covered in our curriculum are:

Home Toolkit

Money Toolkit 

Entrepreneur Toolkit

Social & Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit Online Toolkit 

Basic Skills Toolkit 

All children will receive a mini School of Life UK diploma at the 

end of each term.

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why our Life Skill's Coaches have advanced experience in their field. Our LSC's are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons, and we don't just teach. All staff are trained to be a support for the family as well, so that our programs cover everything in a child's needs. If there is a situation you are struggling with, we can help ensure you are receiving the right support, financially, emotionally and educationally. Our in-house social worker can help with referring to relevant services to ensure you are getting everything you need for your child. Almost all of our LSC's are experienced Teachers, Social Worker or Educational Psychology Graduates so this ensures that each child is receiving a high quality programme. 

Throughout all our programs, we link everything to social and emotional skills, as well as confidence, project management, teamwork and leadership, ensuring they have relevant experience when they grow into adulthood. 



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