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School of Life UK & The Beehive


School of Life UK prides itself on utilising community spaces to revive them and attract children from the local community, which is what they were initially created for. We have recently partnered with The Beehive, Cringle Park, Levenshulme, Manchester

School of Life UK & Manchester Steiner Group / Apple Blossom Kindergarten


 We are always looking for collaborations with organisations that have the same values as us. We have recently partnered with Manchester Steiner Group who have Apple Blossom Kindergarten based at The Beehive in Levenshulme. They provide steiner education to children ages 3-6 years.   

School of Life UK & SLS


We are very excited about this partnership! We are looking to implement our Holiday Club programme in all of their schools across the UK. That's more than 250 schools! This is something we will be working on over the coming months. 

St Mary's RC Primary School Graduation


The children that attended our first Prevention programme (of many) at St Mary's, Levenshulme, Manchester attended their first graduation on 18th July 2019. 

In just 6 weeks, they covered 29 out of our 100 life skills in their first term! We asked them what skills they have gained and here is what they said:


Respecting others. Allowing others to speak. Democracy. What job role they would like to do in the future. Understanding others. Confidence to approach new people and start a conversation. The importance of being kind. Not to give personal information online. Controlling their worries. How being outdoors can change your mood for the better. Confidence in public speaking. How to control nerves. Teamwork. Leadership. How to help myself get to sleep. Looking for the good in others. How to find out more information about someone and how to make friends. How to pay bills. How much it costs to run a house. The value of money. How to save money. Event planning. Listening to others means you can improve your project as they can have good ideas. Being the boss means letting your team help make a good product. Delegation. Video editing. Film directing. Production. Patience. 



''"What are life skills?"

Read our latest blog which describes exactly what they are on our 'blog' page.

"Can anyone sign up to teach this programme?" 

No, A minimum of 2 years working with children is required, along with an up to date DBS check. If this applies, then as long as you are willing to learn and are passionate about making a change for our children's future full training is given. 

"What age is the programme for?"

We have a variety of programs running aimed from Age 3 - up to 16

'Can a child with SEN attend the programme?'

Yes, we have specialist programs available for children with social, emotional, mental health and behavioural needs. We can link with the Childs school too to ensure they are getting the support they need in their learning. 

School of Life UK & Go Henry


School of Life UK are now official partners with Go Henry!


Go Henry are a company that provide a pre-paid card for children aged 6-18 and unique parental controls that help them learn the value of money. They promote the same values as we do, preparing children for life after education by teaching them essential skills at a younger age.

We have a variety of unique offers with Go Henry, that we can offer to you, our followers and the children that attend our sessions and by clicking on the link below you can access 2 months free! (Then just £2.99 per month thereafter).

I actually have one of these cards for both of my older children and they are amazing. They are contactless too so they feel like they have something “grown up”, but I can set the parental controls so they don’t overspend. I love the feature where I can send them a list of chores in order to release their weekly spends!

If you want to know more, just send us an email via our contact page and we will send you the link


SOL Prevention ensures affordable lessons and courses for all families. If you are struggling financially, but still want your child to benefit from this programme, whether that be one of our After School or Holiday Club programs, get in touch with us to discuss what discounts we have available for families in need.