Our Mission

Changing a culture


Our mission and core ethos as an organisation is to change a generation, change a culture and create a new future for our children. Our aim, as an organisation is to help resolve the SEN crisis in the UK and we are already working with a number of schools providing both Prevention and Intervention programs.

We are evidence based to support the World Health Organisation in promoting better outcomes for children by teaching life skills on a child-led, interactive basis and to assist with providing children with the support determined by their EHC Plans, where this is becoming more difficult due to budget cuts, for many schools.

We are looking to significantly reduce intervention costs for schools, and can provide interventions at a significantly reduced price to help with school budget cuts.We also aim to ensure that all children across the UK are gaining essential life skills 

detailed in our curriculum by the age of 16 by 2022, thus tackling the problem from both sides.

Armed with a “Life toolkit” the next generation will succeed. 

Our lessons are pupil led, meaning they will absorb the information while learning in a fun and interactive environment, or where the children have SEN, the approach is centred around their interests.

We will ensure:

The children of our future will be strong and knowledgeable on all thing’s life throws their way as well as socially and emotionally confident.

Not only will they leave school with a full understanding of the way life can take them, they will also be prepared when they face challenges that our generation has had to figure out for ourselves.

We will set their expectations and they will feel confident to succeed in anything they do. 

If they have no money at a point in their life, they will have learnt how to create it from nothing. 

They will learn to try anything once, to ask questions and to always study for self development even after their education has finished.

The next generation of the UK will know what to do when their outgoings exceed their income, they will know how to save money and how to be savvy with credit.

They will know how to be healthy, both in body and mind, and most importantly why this is crucial to a happy life. 

After all, happiness is success.

SOL will be a movement of change. 

Our children will create a new, more positive world and a better climate for themselves and their own children.

The children are our future, and as we look around the world as it is today there is a strong need for change, and where better to start when changing a future than the people who are going to be it.

 "If many little people, in many little places, do many little things

They can change the face of the earth"

Plant the information and watch it grow


 In the early years of life, children are like sponges, when their adaptive powers are at their best. This period should be the sowing period for life skills training to yield better outcomes.

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